‘Scary’ City… Again

It seems like for the last 5 or so years, Manchester City has had the best squad in the Premier League and every year when pundits make their predictions, City are more times than not the favourites. Put the fact that they have the ‘best manager in the world’ and already during this transfer window have broken the spending record. Manchester City

Starting 11’s  but their attacking players Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sane, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Raheem Sterling etc. will certainly carry them and win them a lot of points by turning losses to draws/wins and draws to wins.

I think what last season was supposed to be, we will see this season and that is Pep vs Jose. Both managers have had a full season to get used to their teams and both didn’t deliver last season.



I’ve got it! A way to describe the way these transfer prices have changed over time and it’s simple. IT’S DOUBLED! It’s strange that this happens mainly in England as when European teams buy and sell to each other many of us here think wtf why didn’t my team bid for him. Bayern have loaned James Rodriguez with an option to buy for 35 million Euros, there is no way in hell Real Madrid do that deal with an English club.

I’m starting to think other leagues have seen the money coming into the Premier League and have conspired with each other to drain English teams as much as possible and sell to each other moderately but that topic is for another time.

Even though it isn’t always correct, more times than not a players price is relative to their talent/skill level and you can even use the fee as a way to describe a player. “He’s a £20m kind of player” or “Buy him whatever the cost” John Stones is not a £50m pound player, Michael Kean is not a £30m player. Chelsea bought Diego Costa for £30m and if the new Chinese tax law didn’t come into effect this transfer window, teams were willing to pay up to £75m.

Are Everton Winning The Transfer Window So Far?

With all the money in the Premier League, it has enabled not just the bigger clubs but the medium to small clubs the ability to have a lot more purchasing power than before.

So far Everton have bought:

Michael Keane from Burnley for £30.0m
Davy Klaassen from  Ajax for £23.6m
Henry Onyekuru from Eupen for £7.0m
Jordan Pickford from Sunderland for £30.0m
Sandro Ramirez from Malaga for an Undisclosed Fee

Sold Lukaku for a reported £100m fee altogether but we’ll talk about that fee which does include WAYNE ROONEY later. Again the acquisition of Wayne Rooney is a brilliant coup for Everton as a hometown hero coming back. It’s unsure the role he will play but off the pitch, his experience will be immense.

With all the signings Everton have made THUS FAR, the expectations in the league will surely be to get into Europe.


Transfer Market Officially Open

The transfer window has only officially opened but we have already had many stories to look at.

Diego Costa has come out and said he recieved a text from manager Antonio Conte informing him that he can not rely on him and it’s time to move on. We only have the 1 sided version coming from Diego which shouldn’t have come to the public light in the first place and has put Chelsea in an even more difficult situation when it comes to negotiating fees for Lukaku and others.

Manchester City have once again got a lot of business done before the rest of the world. With money no object and Pep Guardiola at the helm, City have gone out and bought Bernardo Silva and broke a transfer record on Goalkeeper Ederson Moraes whilst they still have Claudio Bravo and Joe Hart.

The transfer rumours have been going on non stop since Arsenal won the FA Cup but the biggest story must be Liverpool and their approach for  Virgil van Dijk. With betting platforms suspending betting on the Dutch man joining Liverpool it looked all but done with Liverpool doing the ‘impossible’ beating Man City and Chelsea to one of the best defenders in the Premier League.

High hopes from the Merseyside fans only for Liverpool to apologise to Southampton for ‘misunderstanding’ regarding the transfer of Virgil van Dijk after approaching him without the permission of Southampton. Liverpool now face harsh repercussions which could include a transfer ban.

The transfer window has already opened and it’s sure to be an exciting one.

Premier League Champions

In a season where the main focus was Pep vs Mourinho and who out of the 2 would win the league. Antonio Conte came into the league fairly unknown but off the back of the Euros we saw how far he took the least talented Italy team in decades. Winning the title is no fluke and it isn’t down to Chelsea not being in Europe because Liverpool weren’t in Europe and no English team even got into the Champions League quarter finals except Leicester City.

Regardless of how well Tottenham have played over recent weeks the season is 38 games and Chelsea thoroughly deserve this.

The final push

After the international break, we sat back and reflected on the Premier League season and looked forward to the end of the current campaign. 10 games and 30 points left to play for, Chelsea remain at the top spot, 10 points clear of their nearest rivals, Tottenham. I think the overall pattern of this season will continue over those 10 games. spots 2-4 will change at least once and the top spot and title will go to Chelsea.

For football fans, April will be a month to remember and for Manchester United fans it could be a month to forget. Will United triumph in the Europa League? Will they be still be successful in the Premier League?

Chelsea’s 10 point lead is down to a mere 4 point lead and Tottenham are the in form team in the league. After the loss to Manchester United, Chelsea strategically announced the news many Chelsea fans knew was coming at the end of the season. John ‘Captain Leader Legend’ Terry would not be playing for the club next season.

Manchester United are banging on the 4th spot door and are through to the Europa League Semi Finals and will be playing the ‘easier’ side, Celta Vigo. With a Europa League final spot seeming all but guaranteed, Mourinho’s side still have everything to play for.




Best sport in the world

Updated 16/03/2017

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club football tournament in the world and last night was an instance that proved it. Barcelona came back from the biggest deficit in Champions League history.

Was this a bigger loss for PSG or a big win for Barcelona. I think the luckily for PSG players, the amount of praise and congratulations for Barcelona has overshadowed their epic collapse.

The UEFA Champions League has struck again!

Leicester City have defeated Sevilla 2-0 at the King Power Stadium. We all love an underdog story but we did not expect Leicester to make it this far, while being 15th in the League. They play with a fearless attitude and that’s what makes them dangerous for whatever team they play in the QUARTER FINALS.

As if things couldn’t get any more bizarre, the Champions League has again provided beautiful footballing moments. We all knew it would take time for even the great Pep Guardiola to adjust to the Premier League but many believed that in the Champions League Pep could show his quality. This is the first time he has failed to reach the Champions League quarter-finals in a nine-year managerial career, leaving LEICESTER CITY the only English club left in the competition.

With nothing to fear and 0 expectations, it’s no surprise, Zindane and Buffon have both said they are keen to avoid Leicester in the next round.

Manchester City vs Monaco Review | 21st February 2017

The Champions League Round of 16 match at the Etihad Stadium was exciting to say the least. A display of pure attacking prowess where both sides conceded excellent and sloppy goals.

The defenders on either team didn’t put themselves in the best light and despite John Stone getting on the score sheet, it does not deflect away from his mistake for Monaco’s 2nd goal.

It’s amazing to think about the strikers Atletico Madrid have had over the years and two of their previous best were on form.

Falcao looked a lost soul in two seasons on loan from Monaco to Manchester United and Chelsea – but this was a master striker back to his best and City may have been rattling at the back but Aguero was in magnificent form throughout, terrorising Monaco with his prodigious work-rate and sheer menace.

Underrated players

There are many awards in the footballing world like the Ballon d’Or, League Player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year to name a few.

Underrated players are quite modest and not vocal about their personal performances. Last year Leicester won the Premier League and Mahrez was named Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year.

Similar to how American sports have the ‘Most Valuable Player’ MVP which doesn’t incorporate price or just number of goals, the MVP is simply a player who means the most to their teams’ success. I believe having an MVP argument would be a lot more difficult that picking the winner of the Ballon D’or or player of the year who seems to be the player who scores the most and has a global fan base.

In football, value certainly doesn’t equate to cost as every year we have a list of expensive flops and players like Payet who exceed expectations due to a lower transfer fee.

N’golo Kante – For Leicester last year, all the spot light was on Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez who were both pivotal in Leicester doing the ‘impossible’ but there was also a third player who was also fundamental in Leicester becoming Premier League champions. N’golo Kante is a tireless Midfielder who has been compared to Cluade Mackelele but he is certainly a different type of player

James Milner is the definition of a versatile player, as he’s been used in various positions for club and country.

Joe Allen again is a player who works hard for the team, can play football and gets his fair share of goals.

Will China be a football superpower? PART 2

It seems this frivolous spending has gone so far the Government had to intervene. Even though owners though they were doing the Government a service and in a sense they have brought a lot of attention and top class players to China but has it benefited football in China as a whole? That’s yet to be seen.

The Chinese Government wanted instant result but have cracked down on foreign imports to preserve the identity and integrity of their league. So with stricter rules in place and almost every team filling their foreign player quote, there are only 5 more slots in the whole league for foreign players.

Going back to my point in the previous blog , until China creates their own breakout stars and creates them with the same attention and praise as foreign imports, they will not be a football superpower.