The final push

After the international break, we sat back and reflected on the Premier League season and looked forward to the end of the current campaign. 10 games and 30 points left to play for, Chelsea remain at the top spot, 10 points clear of their nearest rivals, Tottenham. I think the overall pattern of this season will continue over those 10 games. spots 2-4 will change at least once and the top spot and title will go to Chelsea.

For football fans, April will be a month to remember and for Manchester United fans it could be a month to forget. Will United triumph in the Europa League? Will they be still be successful in the Premier League?

Chelsea’s 10 point lead is down to a mere 4 point lead and Tottenham are the in form team in the league. After the loss to Manchester United, Chelsea strategically announced the news many Chelsea fans knew was coming at the end of the season. John ‘Captain Leader Legend’ Terry would not be playing for the club next season.

Manchester United are banging on the 4th spot door and are through to the Europa League Semi Finals and will be playing the ‘easier’ side, Celta Vigo. With a Europa League final spot seeming all but guaranteed, Mourinho’s side still have everything to play for.





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