Tekkerz Kid: Introduction to Birmingham’s 7 year old Football Star

If you’re not aware of who Tekkerz Kid is then you’ll be highly surprised and probably jealous about the skills this kid possesses. The clue is in the name, Tekkerz meaning technique and 7 year old Lorenzo Greer a.k.a”Tekkerz Kid” has it in abundance. In football the term Wonderkid is used widely but when you see this what can only be classed as a child not only perfoming skills but the technique to curl a free kick in from 20+ yards or his control of the ball simply blows you away.

Not only is it amazing to see young Lorenzo excelling at something he loves but watching how involved his whole family are, especially parents are Nathan and Tara also warms the hearts of the viewing public. With almost 75 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Lorenzo has entertained and wowed viewers with football boot reviews, shooting tutorials, skills tutorials and overall football content.

Having already been in the national newspaper and on BBC the future seems very bright for this talented youngster.

Birmingham City U7’s 

On YouTube you can see a whole host of freestyle footballers who for whatever reason can’t transfer their skills to the pitch. This isn’t the case for Tekkerz Kid. Playing for Birmingham City U7’s is a huge step to becoming a professional football player.

Links: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram


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