John Terry for England

New England manager Sam Allardyce has been open to the idea and said Terry could return for England. Even if Big Sam gives John the call, would it be in the defender’s best interest to accept?

With the defensive woes of the current England team you can see where Sam Allardyce is coming from but as one of his first actions as England boss I don’t think this controversial decision would go down well with supporters.

John Terry hasn’t played for his country since he announced his international retirement four years ago after his legal battle for alleged racist abuse of Anton Ferdinand.


Sam has already been quoted saying he wants a fresh start and to focus on the youth and with John Terry now 35 and very much past his prime, not only is this a contradiction but how much can Terry really contribute on the pitch. In terms of reading the game, positioning, concentration and passing, he is certainly ahead of Stones, Cahill and Smalling.

The old guard need to be moved on and Sam Allardyce needs to be a lot more forward thinking and pick players based on form, not name. Not saying that John Terry hasn’t been decent for Chelsea but he hasn’t been so great that he certainly should be back in the England line up. On the other hand, looking at the U21 side, I can’t see many defenders I’d pick for the England team.


John Terry has been the best captain England has had since David Beckham and the intangible benefits of having such a leader on the pitch has cannot be overlooked. In terms of Wayne Rooney, he won’t be displaced as England captain but I don’t think it’s a leader England are lacking, I think it’s the passion and pride of playing for England. Players shouldn’t be needed to be motivated playing for their country.


After John Stones, there isn’t really a top class defender ready to play for England but Ryan Shawcross, Phil Jagielka and especially Phil Jones would make for more sensible options without jeopardising too much quality

I think the consensus from the public is that this England team is such a poor state but bringing back a 35-year-old John Terry, socially doesn’t make sense as the public is quite split on accepting him back into the team and in footballing terms it can not only ruin the squad dynamic but also keep another up and coming defender (there isn’t many) out of the team and bringing Phil Jones into the team would make a lot more sense than John Terry.

Coming to end of his career would Terry want to refresh the public’s memory of what happened and be in the tabloids again further tainting his image. I think if Sam Allardyce called John would be honoured and would certainly consider it but with only a few years left in his career John looks happy preserving his body for Chelsea and ending his career at Stamford Bridge.


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