5 Potential future England managers

England will head to France for the European Championships understandably bullish. With ten wins out of ten behind them, the Lions have a real chance to carry such form onto the big stage and, maybe… just maybe, could come home with something other than abject disappointment.

Manager Roy Hodgson failed to bring home anything but disappointment from last year’s World Cup in Brazil, but his side’s current form is to be admired. That said, his contract ends after the Euros, and few believe it’ll be renewed.

So, who could be next? In this post, we take a look at who could potentially be approached for the top job once the seat becomes available.

Gary Neville

Neville is now a respected pundit and, crucially, a key member of staff in the current England setup. With years of experience under his belt and a tactical mind which is likely developing at twice the rate of most ex-players, the thought of the ex Man Utd right back in the England hot seat could be a very exciting prospect. Now unemployed after his torrid time at Valencia Gary may need another club opportunity to showcase his talents to see if he deserves the England job.

Brendan Rodgers

Poor old Brendan.  Losing Gerrard, Suarez and Sterling clearly hit him hard at Liverpool, but no one can doubt the changes he wrought at the Merseyside club. Inches away from a long-awaited Premier League trophy two seasons ago, Managing Celtic comes with a lot of pressure and expectation but Brendan Rodgers certainly has the man management skills and fighting spirit to keep Celtic at the top. Rodgers displayed confidence and tactical nous years beyond his own. He’s not ready to manage at international level yet, but will doubtless head that way in the future. England could be his eventual destination.

Roberto Martinez

Although Spanish, Martinez has spent the majority of his football career in England. Indeed, in his native country, he is thought of as an ‘English manager’ and he knows our game inside out. Take one look at the Everton squad he has left behind and you’ll note it is awash with home-grown talent (Barkley, Stones, Jagielka). Martinez could be a very real target for the FA once Hodgson vacates.

David Moyes

Moyed endured a torrid time as ‘the chosen one’ at Manchester United. Before that, he was adored by Everton fans and, rather than running away from those ten months of hell at Alex Ferguson’s old desk,  he has displayed admirable determination to put it behind him by becoming Real Sociedad’s manager. Moyes’ time in Spain was far from successful with Moyes being eventually sacked just 1 year into the job with a 28% win rate. But his reputation in England should see him to rank high on the call list for the England manager position.

David Beckham

More of a brand than potential management material, it is difficult to imagine Beckham ever stepping into the hottest shoes in football, but no one can deny the passion he displayed for his country every time he won a cap. Add to that significant experience at the very highest level on the pitch and maybe, just maybe, we could see him roaring the Lions to victory one day. An outsider, yes, but an interesting one!


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