Against Better Opposition

England are doing well in this years Euros. They should of held onto their lead against Russia and a dramatic comeback against Wales has left England top of group B. If England are to win it all then they will have to beat the best.

Italy and Belgium have surprised many for opposite reasons. Italy are playing like a team and Belgium are playing like superstars who are just wearing the same kit as each other.

France and Germany have kept the standard high as expected and Spain have been getting the job done under the radar.

The big question is… Can England perform against better opposition?

Well to answer that we need to ask a few more questions. How will England play with 30-40% of the possession? Can England create chances being closed down often?

I have faith that England can improve on their performances… OFFENSIVELY, defensively they are shaky and simply not good enough and I don’t believe the strikers can offset the inevitable goals this England team will concede against better opposition. England will have to choose to defend or attack. Trying to balance the two will not only have offensive players further away from the goals and having to do things they’re not best at but they will use a lot more energy chasing and fighting for the ball. It’s a tough one for Roy Hodgson but he has passed the tests brought to him so far and who knows, he could still continue his good fortune.


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