Come on England!

It’s that time again, time for us to get our flags out, be that 12th man for our country. The golden generation have gone but with expectations and quality lowered, why can’t this be our year. Leicester just won the league, it’s the year of possibilities!

Group B consist of England, Russia, Slovakia and Wales, it is more than possible England can come out top of this group. Gareth Bale, Ashley Williams and Aaron Ramsey could lead Wales to the knockout stages and Russia’s star man Alan Dzagoev has been ruled out injured after being picked, highly rated goal keeper Igor Akinfeev and captain Roman Shirokov can also stand in the way of England winning this group. Regardless of the controversy around the selection with the exception of Mark Noble and Jermaine Defo this England team is pretty much our strongest.

This will be the first competition for many of these players and it will certainly be time to prove themselves.

I only want to focus on the group stages for the moment because I feel that’s been our problem in the past, projecting where England should be and not fully concentrating on the completion in front of us

More support less expectations

At the end of the day we of course we all want England to win but getting our hopes up and feeling disappointed isn’t how I want to start my summer. Quarter finals and I’ll be satisfied if I’m honest. Are England in the top 8 teams of this competition, I would say yes. France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy are clearly ahead of England but apart from that I can’t see a team that I would defiantly put above England.

With all that being said… Come on England!!


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