Musings on being a local football coach

I’m really interested in football coaching and have recently started helping at a local club. Don’t get my wrong – I’m no Pep Guardiola. I won’t be coming under fire from Sunday league managers for declaring my objective to coach in their county next year. Not a chance. They wont be loosing sleep anytime soon.

But I do think more needs to be done to encourage young coaches at a grassroots level. When starting I didn’t know what training sessions to run, or what equipment I needed. I found this simple guide to preparing a training session really  helpful. It goes through  aspects of coaching I would have never thought about, such as checking the playing surface for hazards. A really important one for my team as the local park attracts a lot of night time drinkers. Looking out for broken pieces of glass is vital to the safety of my team.

Other useful resources are on twitter. Accounts such as the @Coachesclinic, or @CoachingFamily.

Please tweet me @missingstuds if you found any of these resources useful and are also looking to get into coaching.