Money, the EPL and Emerging Players: Who will be the Next to make their Mark?


When the latest television deal rights were announced for the EPL, there was a genuine sense of awe at the sheer numbers involved. Sky and BT Sport spent a combined £5.136 billion for live coverage of the Premier League from the 2016-2017 season, with the total sum representing a staggering 70% on the current deal of £3 billion. Despite the controversy surrounding the deal, there is hope that this financial package will benefit both fans and younger British talent.

This was reflected by the breakdown of the funds reported by the Premier League, with £56 million a year being earmarked for grassroots projects. These include the development of more than 50 artificial pitches throughout the UK, which will be used to drive player development and focus on the cultivation of technique rather than speed or power. These initiatives many not be crucial to the future of the Premier League, but they will have a huge impact on the development of our ailing national game. Continue reading “Money, the EPL and Emerging Players: Who will be the Next to make their Mark?”